The HotSpotterTM is a simple hand tool for fire-fighters and others involved in fire prevention and detection. It detects and locates small areas which are hotter than the surroundings. Both in a building and outdoors. It senses the infrared radiation being emitted by a local hot spot. By scanning a wide area it allows the user to quickly detect and locate a region for further investigation and action.

The HotSpotterTM has both audio and multi-coloured LED outputs. In simplistic terms the audio output is similar to a Geiger counter: The hotter the area compared to the surroundings, the higher the frequency. Similarly the LED’s form a simple multi-coloured bar graph indicating the temperature change from ambient.

The HotSpotterTM is robust and watertight. It runs off a standard 9 Volt alkaline battery which will last for up to 20 hours of continuous use.

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